My name is Genevieve Sanders. I am the  sole proprietor of Faces Skin Studio. After nearly 10 years of being in  business; I recently relocated to Northern Nevada from the Bay Area.   Throughout my career as a licensed esthetician I have also worked as a  certified esthetics instructor, a spa esthetician, and a medical  esthetician. My training and work experience gave me the vision to create Faces Skin Studio. My goal is to provide you with exceptional skin care services. I am eager to help you with all of your skin concerns in a nurturing, relaxed environment. My unique approach to skin  care utilizes innovative technology which leads to results! Whether it  is for pure relaxation, or a specific goal, I invite you to visit Faces.  Your time at Faces will be uninterrupted and private. You will leave  feeling nurtured, satisfied, and with beautiful skin!